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Interview With legendary Cricketer Madan lal

By Supriya
India News, New Delhi :
Today we have with us the legendary Cricketer from 1983 world cup winning squad Mr. Madan Lal, welcome to the show Sir…

Q1. Sir, Shane Bond opened up on Arjun Tendulkar’s non-selection in MI’s playing XI, saying that the young all-rounder still has some more work to do “on his batting and fielding, particular”. Do you feel the same….have you seen his game.

Ans. You know he’s balling and batting, definitely you always has a room to improve. Because the more he is going to play the better is going to . So he’s still very young and he has not got that much experience but, definitely he has a talent and they definitely have to give him a chance to excel now.

Q2. Sir, its often seen in Cricket that the sons are compared with their legendary Dads when it comes to performance… you agree to this because everyone cannot be Mohinder Amarnath son of legendary Lala Amarnath.

Ans. Definitely, I think you should not compare anybody and Arjun is still very young you can’t compare him. I don’t know who’s comparing him it’s not right for the young kids, he will get into a lot of pressure.

Interview With legendary Cricketer Madan lal

Q3. On one hand twitter went furious n MI few days ago on not letting Arjun Play against Delhi Capitals and on the other hand we can see a chunk of tweets having high expectations from Arjun…..your thoughts.

Ans. Well you know, I thought that Mumbai Indian might make him play because of the last match they were not qualifying for the last four. So they should have given him a chance because if you have then it becomes very difficult for a young kid. He always must be feeling very low, if you’re not going to give him a chance because of he’s sitting in the dressing room or sitting in the hotel problem.

Q4. Can u see a co relation between this incident and the incident which happened long back with Rohan Gavaskar….there was an unseen pressure on him?

Ans. I don’t think , because he played a lot of cricket in our class and he was a very experienced player. I was the selector when we got him selected. You have to be very consistent in your performance so that is the only thing you can achieve is the heights, but if you’re not consistent then pressure gets on you. But I don’t think there should be any comparison with anybody because, Sunil was a legend Rohan cannot be under in the same shoes. It’s difficult most of the time when any player’s son is playing people go after him I don’t know why.

Even my son he performed very well but people got after him because, maybe they don’t like the player’s son playing cricket. In our country they go after them you know even one mad failure the people will start talking about the son. it’s not fair because you know unless you give him a chance, expose him then I’ll pass my comments whether he’s good enough or not but definitely once he’s in the squad.

And thank you so much for giving us so much precious time of yours thank you sir.

(Author is Senior Producer & Anchor associated with Sports Flashes)

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