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Nobody knows what Rahul Dravid said to Shikhar Dhawan, although it was rumoured to be Age

Nobody knows what Rahul Dravid said to Shikhar Dhawan, although it was rumoured to be Age

India News, New Delhi : Perhaps he would have stated something along the lines of, “You are getting older, and there are other players your age who are comparitively fit.” There is a lot of depth in Indian cricket or other such games, so someone has to back off and everyone’s turn arrives. Shikhar Dhawan is a fantastic young man who got a late start in cricket and has had to deal with a lot of adversity.

Nobody knows what Rahul Dravid said to Shikhar Dhawan
Nobody knows what Rahul Dravid said to Shikhar Dhawan

I believe it is fate that determines everything; he gained a lot of fame and fans, and he played flawlessly. He has contributed significantly to India’s development. If not for India, he should participate in the IPL and other upcoming events.
Only the new players have the hunger to play for India.

Dravid grasped everything and phoned Shikhar Dhawan

The greatest issue in the past was that the players were not given a berth in the Indian team. Before hearing from others, Dravid grasped everything and phoned Shikhar Dhawan. That look, the selection committee has reached a decision, and perhaps your name or location is missing, this can be terrible for anyone, including you. However, I believe it is preferable to discuss it with you so that you can handle it properly.

That, in my opinion, is a far better option than not phoning someone and finding out the next day in the papers that his name is not on the team.

Making a decision is difficult

Other incidents occur from time to time, not just in Kabaddi but also in cricket. Because of the Covid, Asian games have been postponed, and because Kabbadi is an Asian game sport, a lot of thought goes into making decisions. As a result, making a decision is difficult. In cricket, the BCCI provides IPl a window, but in other sports, international players come to play part-time. It also throws off the team’s balance because players aren’t constantly accessible.

“Eventually you have to think about the sport, you may not to think about the benefit of the sport but you have to conjoined it with the benefit of the sportspersons who plays it.” None of this is happening for the sponsors or team owners; sport and the athletes who participate in it are always on the minds of those who organise it, and it should be the most important thing on their minds.

It is also crucial for us that the players are given opportunities. The first concept is that the game, as well as the players that participate in it, must progress.

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