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Spin Magician Shane Warne Demise: Wrong ‘Un – Gone too Soon

Keyur Mandrekar:

Spin Magician Shane Warne Demise: On 4th March, here in America, the cricketing fraternity woke up to a shocking news of Shane Warne, passing away of a heart attack at the age of 52 leaving behind 3 kids. (Spin Magician Shane Warne Demise)

Warnie, as he was popularly known, was named the Wisden Cricketer of the year in 1994. He was also the Wisden leading Cricketer in the World in 1997. Shane Keith Warne has to be the most iconic cricketers to have ever come out of Australia.

Warnie made his debut against India in the 3rd Test at Sydney in 1992, and had a horrible returns as a bowler – 1/150. His last test match was against England during the 2007 Ashes series where, incidentally he was the highest scorer in the game scoring 71 against an England attack breathing fire. During that period between 1992 and 2007, Warnie amassed over 1000 international wickets.

The beach blonde bum was the man of the match at the 1999 World Cup. Having been pretty mediocre during the initial stages of the World Cup, Warne decided to show up during the semi finals and the finals where he aggregated with 8/62 over the two knock out games. Warne was a living example of a champion player who was meant for upping his game on the biggest stages. (Spin Magician Shane Warne Demise)

It may be unfair to categorize Shane Warne as a leg break bowler, but then that was his stock ball, the most potent wicket taker of them all. In his arsenal where the ‘Wrong-un’ – a term he coined for the Googly, the top spinner that fell a bit short, dropped faster and bounced a bit higher than the others, the flipper or the ‘Zooter’ and then the ‘Warnie Slider’.

Warne had once talked about Magnus effect that was eye opener, it made spinners around the World realize – “Hang on, there is science behind everything that can be done with the red cherry.” (Spin Magician Shane Warne Demise)

Since Warnie’s bowling action was so streamlined and smooth, there was hardly any difference in the way the ball was delivered. It would be unfair to talk Shane Warne and yet not mention ‘The Ball’ that has Mike Gatting still wondering.

Truth be told, umpire Dickie Bird was left wondering as well and those expressions from Gatting and Dickie Bird is what adds that extra bit of enigma to the ‘The Ball of the Century’. Warne has repeated that ball many times in International cricket since but the element of surprise had gone away by then. (Spin Magician Shane Warne Demise)

Warne had been marred with controversies off the field but that does not take away the Cricketing genius that he was. Still remember Warnie being patched into the Commentary box where he talked the world through how he was setting up McCullum and got his wicket.

World Sports has often witnessed two geniuses playing together at the same time, at the same levels and then are the debates and statistics that get thrown around – Lara – Sachin; Kapil – Imran, or for that matter Ronaldo – Messi. The question is Shane Warne and ? (Spin Magician Shane Warne Demise)

The Cricketing God’s have definitely bowled a Wrong Un here. Its too soon for a champion who had so much more to offer to the World of Cricket being a mentor in the dug out, or being a coach or just through his commentary.

There will be many more leg spinners that World Cricket may see, but the cricketing brain that the ‘Blonde Assassin’ possessed may just be hard to come by. The World will miss a character who bowls an over and goes over to the boundary to drink a glass of beer. Rest Easy Shane Warne. Heavens became richer today. (Spin Magician Shane Warne Demise)

Spin Magician Shane Warne Demise

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