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AFCON and why is it still the most underrated tournaments

Risheek Mukherjee, New Delhi :
AFCON and why is it still the most underrated tournaments : First month of 2022 is here and we have already stepped into one of the most underrated continental Cup to produce such classic football players. Yes, the African Cup of Nations is here. The fixtures are already out and is starting 9th January to 6th of February.

Cameroon is to host this years African Cup of Nations. A total of twenty-four teams have qualified to compete in the utmost battle between the nations. The host country has six well equipped venues over five host cities.

There will be eyes all over the five-star players such as Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane, Riyadh Mahrez to name a few.

These players have shown exemplary performance within their clubs, but the time is of the essence. The question is, will these players be able to showcase and match their talent with their respective teams or will it be a hurdle for the title race.

There is no greater honor than representing your country (AFCON and why is it still the most underrated tournaments)

After the comments of Ian Wright said recently on Instagram mentioning how the African Cup of Nations is disrespected and tinted with racism. He also stated that “there is no greater honor than representing your country. The coverage of such a cup is completely tinged with racism”.

Due to recent comments of how undeniably the AFCON is disrespected and not given the equal amount of status as Euro is a blasphemy. There have been clubs that are not honoring the call ups of African players for the AFCON.

Wright also stated that “we played Euro across 10 countries in the middle of a pandemic and when Cameroon a single country is hosting then it is a problem.” He indicated that how the African players have not had much of a recognition in the European leagues.

Considering Edouard Mendy, a goalkeeper who had a pivotal role in his team for winning the champions league was not even considered among the 30 best players in the world.

It is very important to mention how the players have showcased their talent and have a represented their country on winning a Cup title. But its unfortunate how FIFA have their motto has “Say no to Racism” but continue to show the lack of talent brought by these talented players this continent must provide.

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