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Asian Football Cup AFC 2022 : Australia annihilate Indonesia in Opening match

Priyanshu Halder:

Asian Football Cup AFC 2022: What a match for the Australian side to begin the AFC 22’, with a whopping score of 18-0 against Indonesia at the Mumbai Football arena on Friday. With an energetic and enthusiastic performance in Mumbai, Australia have secured their position at the top of Group B. (Asian Football Cup AFC 2022)

In the first half of the game, the Matildas scored nine goals shattering the defense of the Indonesian side. Samantha Kerr scored 5 goals in the match followed by Emily Van Egmond’s three goals and Hayley Raso, Aivi Luik, Ellie Carpenter along with others scored the rest. (Asian Football Cup AFC 2022)

Australia started with an all-out attack game play which resulted in the first goal in the 9th minute by Samantha Kerr, she doubled the lead at the 11th minute.

Indonesia’s defense after the first half was constructed with the balance strategy which instead should have been the hold the bus strategy. (Asian Football Cup AFC 2022)

Australia in total had 42 shots out of which 25 were on target, they dominated the possession game as well with 66 percentage throughout the match. On the other hand, Indonesia’s attack was as bleak as their defnse with only 1 shot within the framework out of 3 chances created.

Other statistics which are astonishing in the modern-day football is the Australian side’s number of offside fouls, i.e., 13. Matildas also received 15 corners but were unable to net the ball in any of them. (Asian Football Cup AFC 2022)

Australia is now set to face off against Philippines in their next match on Monday night.

Asian Football Cup AFC 2022

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