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FA Questions Arsenal. Can Arsenal question FA?

Keyur Mandrekar:

FA Questions Arsenal: As per Athletic UK, the UK football governing body FA is investigating a yellow card received by an Arsenal player in a PL fixture this season. They fear this being a part of a dubious betting ring. Although the verdict is still out there.
Arsenal, who already made a record for being the first team to have 100 red cards, have already accumulated 30 yellow cards for the season and we are still 18 games away from the final game. (FA Questions Arsenal)

Let us put ourselves in the shoes of an Arsenal fan for the time being. I would question or love to understand the word dubious! Is the word dubious associated with the performance of players or does FA also look at some of the inconsistencies that the referees have offered for the world to see. Let us look at some of the yellow cards that we have seen Arsenal receive in recent times that have some how helped the other top tier teams.

28th September 2020, Arsenal travelled to Liverpool and Sadio Mane elbowed Tierney and was not shown even a yellow. Dubious referee: Craig Pawson. Dubious VAR referee: Andre Marriner.

17th October 2020, Arsenal travel to Etihad and Kyle Walker knocked Gabriel Magalhaes in the head and VAR did not pick it. Dubious referee: Chris Kavanagh. Dubious VAR referee who did not pick up the replays: Stuart Atwell (FA Questions Arsenal)

22nd November 2020: A goal bound shot is blocked with hands with hands in unnatural position, no penalty awarded. Dubious referee: Anthony Taylor. Dubious VAR referee: Steward Atwell, apparently did not see the hand out there.

30th January 2021: Bruno Fernandes steps on Xhaka’s calf with an open foot and yet no cards shown. Dubious referee: Michael Oliver and the Dubious VAR referee: Paul Tierney
We could list out at least 10 more occasions from the past two seasons aimed particularly at Arsenal but more importantly we have listed out 8 different referees who have been so inconsistent in the league, not a question asked and yet these refereeing errors seem to recur on a weekly basis. (FA Questions Arsenal)

There also seems to be questions asked about deliberate yellows. If we take a step back, the Special One, Jose Mourinho has an incident where Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos were asked to take a second yellow during a 4-0 win over Ajax with Real qualified for the next round and the records would be wiped out clean for the knockout stages. This decision was well documented as a managerial masterclass.

We keep hearing from the twitterati about there being an agenda against Arsenal, judging by FA’s actions, we may just be adding fuel to this conspiracy theory. I love the thought of FA questioning something they feel is dubious but then can we question FA to answer some of these investigations pointed back at them? (FA Questions Arsenal)

FA Questions Arsenal

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