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FIFA Hypocritical Philanthropy

Keyur Mandrekar:

Denver, USA: 

FIFA Hypocritical Philanthropy: FIFA and UEFA officials released a statement expelling Russia from the 2022 World Cup and its teams suspended from all international football competitions ‘until further notice’ following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Pending a successful appeal or a drastic turn of events, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will cost the nation a chance at reaching the World Cup. (FIFA Hypocritical Philanthropy)

Just 3 days ago FIFA made an announcement of suspending Zimbabwe from International football activities. The grounds of suspension were reports of mass looting of funds, maladministration, bribery, vote buying during election time and sexual harassment of female referees.

Since 2005, FIFA’s approach to its social responsibility went through a shift. FIFA has supported humanitarian activities over a period of time but in the recent past, it has moved to being a lot more active in its efforts to support. Ultimately FIFA’s mission is to globalize, popularize and democratize football for the benefit of the entire world. (FIFA Hypocritical Philanthropy)

In no better words can we express how horrible loss of life is, and FIFA’s philanthropist efforts by banning Russia from all footballing events are definitely noteworthy. We also have to agree to what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Let us roll back to 2015, Macedonian police raiding the National Liberation Army near the Macedonia-Albania border.

The escalation caused Bulgaria to intervene and send their troops to support Macedonia. After a grueling period of troops being deployed from both sides, Macedonia, a NATO partner by then, played Slovakia a month later in a Euro qualifier. Macedonia lost 1-2 playing away from home but No FIFA intervention detected.

Israel and Palestine logging heads since the beginning of time has gone unnoticed by FIFA as well. Let us move further towards South Asia, India – Pakistan. Since 1947, the countries have engaged in four noteworthy wars where external forces were asked to intervene and pacify both sides to avoid any further escalations.

Surprisingly Pakistan was suspended by FIFA in 2017, but the reason for that was the lack of clarity in the funds that were being transferred from FIFA to PFA (Pakistan Football Association), it had nothing to do with a war or acts of terrorism. After February 2019, the last skirmish between the two nations, Pakistan football team travelled to Cambodia to play a world cup qualifier in June and lost 0-2. (FIFA Hypocritical Philanthropy)

So the question that may have to be asked is, why the sudden change of heart? Why would FIFA decide to ban a communist nation, Russia, from entering a footballing event in a free, progressive, friendly middle eastern country like Qatar which has shown whole-hearted acceptance in everything the World has offered?

I don’t know if these numbers can answer any questions but holistically it was believed that PSG (owned by the State of Qatar) and Man City (owned by a Sheikh from Abu Dhabi) injected a total of $5.1 billion over a period of 5 years for their respective clubs. This may not really answer or validate FIFA banning any groups, but history shows decisions have been made by FIFA more on financial gains than on humanitarian grounds. (FIFA Hypocritical Philanthropy)

FIFA Hypocritical Philanthropy

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Naveen Sharma
Sub Editor, India News


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