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Liverpool Actual Motif : What is Liverpool’s actual Motif-COVID or Mismanagement?

Risheek Mukherjee:

Liverpool Actual Motif : As we know Liverpool recently drew with Chelsea at an away game in Stamford Bridge. The performance by Liverpool was not up to par. As both Liverpool and Chelsea suffered a heavy outcome gaining only a point each on the table it gave Manchester City a comfortable lead for the title race. (Liverpool Actual Motif)

The major blowback Liverpool received was that they did not have their manager Jurgen Klopp at their corner. As Jurgen Klopp was recently reported of having COVID and missed the match, his assistant Pepijn Lijnders took over. Since the result, Liverpool has been facing a bit of a problem under the circumstances they are under. Soon three of their players Mo. Salah, Sadio Mane, and Naby Keita will be leaving for the African Cup of Nations. Hence the squad depth will diminish further. (Liverpool Actual Motif)

Then there is the rise in COVID cases all over the United Kingdom. The Liverpool board has made an official request to postpone Thursday’s Carabao Cup semi-final against Chelsea. The question is, is the Liverpool side designing a way to postpone the match with Chelsea so that they can come back strong till their players are back with their manager, or is it really the excuse of COVID cases.

Connor Andrews from Talk sport quoted “when you are managing top clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea it is bound to happen, there will be a lot of Internationals on your team that will be called upon and that’s what happens. I know players do need some recovery period and all but at the end of it I think you should just get on with it.” (Liverpool Actual Motif)

The request was made by Liverpool to the English Football League (EFL). However there has been no news yet of being any postponement of the coming fixture, Liverpool will offer another update regarding the application process. One of the EFL spokespeople said, “Liverpool’s request “will now be considered in accordance with the competition rules as set out at the start of the season alongside information submitted by the club.”

Delaying and postponing one of the major fixtures in EFL is a lot to ask. Especially when speculations are made that Liverpool F.C. is finding ways to compete until their players come back from AFCON. It is unfair for teams to ask such demands on such short notices. Let’s hope for a better and possible outcome and that’s all we can say for now.

Liverpool Actual Motif

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