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Referees vs Arsenal PL 2022

Keyur Mandrekar, Denver, USA :
Referees vs Arsenal PL 2022 : On February 10th, Arsenal played the Wolves where Arsenal walked away with 3 points fielding 10 men for the last 30 odd minutes . As much as the win puts some distance between Arsenal and Wolves who are also competing for the 4th Champions League spot for the PL, some questions were raised yet again with Michael Oliver and the two yellow cards that were shown to Martinelli in span of 15 seconds.

Now not all fouls committed on field can be quantified as equal since the severity of each foul differs and the time of the play, the field advantage for game time management and the refereeing standards cannot really be factorized.

Arsenal has committed the fewest fouls (Referees vs Arsenal PL 2022)

With all being said, PL statistics have shown that Arsenal has committed the fewest fouls for any club that plays in England. An Arsenal game has been whistled and halted for a foul every 10 minutes and 44 seconds for an Arsenal foul. Arsenal also get cautioned for every 7.13 fouls in the PL while a team like Chelsea and Liverpool for that matter are the teams that get yellow carded the least based on the foul committed.

To put some more numbers into perspective, Burnley a team that comes pretty close to Arsenal with a foul committed every 10:36 seconds have committed 1145 fouls since 2019 and have received 0 red cards. In the same time, Arsenal have committed 1148 fouls and have received 15 red cards.

Coming back to the Wolves game, the two yellow cards brandished in a matter of 15 odd seconds takes the number of red cards received by Arsenal to 101, the most of any Premier League team in history.

Earlier in the year, Gabriel and Partey were recipients of two yellow cards where both yellow card bookings were five minutes apart and at least one of them was questionable or if we have to say, was one of those bookings that could be deemed ‘unlucky’.

Questions consistently get asked about the quality of referring that happens in England. There have been times when referees have received substantial criticism but when a high profile game ends with a referring error, there will be an uproar, and rightly so and if that results with FA defending their officials, the fans do have every right to believe in a conspiracy theory.

Now we know every team suffers from poor decisions at some time but Arsenal fans have a very strong reason to believe that they play against 13 men with the amount of misfortunes they have had to endure for the past few seasons. Maybe there is a conspiracy.

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