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Interview of Women Hockey Team Captain Rani Rampal

By Supriya
India News, News Delhi :
Rani Rampal Today we have with us the First woman hockey player to receive the highest sporting honour Khel Ratan…. The Queen of Indian Hockey, The Haryanvi Girl. Rani Rampal, Welcome to the show Rani……

Interview of Women Hockey Team Captain Rani Rampal
Interview of Women Hockey Team Captain Rani Rampal

1. First of all, congratulations Rani Rampal for the Indian Women’s Hockey Team climbing to the sixth position in the FIH World Hockey Rankings, India’s best ranking so far…. How does it feel?

Ans. It’s a special feeling because it is India women team’s highest ranking. When I debut India was on 13th in the world ranking and now, we are on 6th, it took a lot of hockey to reach here, of so many players and coaches, those who are not in Indian team today. I’m hopeful that our team would reach higher levels in future, in top 3 too.

2. First Padma Shri then Khel ratan… What do these individual recognitions mean to you and your family?

Ans. Every award you receive from your country is unique, and you feel honoured that your country has recognised your efforts. It means a lot to me since I believe these honours do not belong to me individually, but to the entire women’s hockey community.

It makes me very happy when women’s hockey is recognised because it shows that our efforts have been recognised. My family and I, in particular, never imagined meeting the Prime Minister and receiving these accolades from the President of India. And receiving these with your family is like receiving a dream come true.

3. It’s been more than a decade since you debuted for India. How have you changed over the years?

Ans. There has been a significant transition in the last 12-14 years, and the squad has played various roles from the time I made my debut until now. When you first join the squad, you will have the opportunity to play alongside members of other teams as well as seniors, which is really thrilling.

And after 4-5 years of playing, your responsibilities begin to shift; you support new players, you lead the country, and you must bring everyone on board; there are also numerous expectations. But the desire to play for my nation remains the same in me, as does the emotion. As your responsibilities shift, you must adjust properly. It makes no difference whether you are the captain or not I try to fulfil my role as better as I can.

4. Many young players have said you are a calming influence in the team as captain. Your thoughts?

Ans. For me, I believe it is a significant compliment (laughs). Over time, I’ve learned that everyone gets furious; it’s human nature, and we should accept it; but you should know how to handle it. As a result, I try to be as cool as possible in difficult situations. If things can be done gently, then anger should be avoided because it only serves to hinder the team. I believe it stems from personal experience.

5. What preps in action for World Cup?

Ans. The team is prepared for the World Cup. We want to play match by match and not think about the future because you can’t be in the current moment if you’re thinking about the future. After the Olympics, the World Cup is the most important event for us.

6. How was the last year, personally, for you?

Ans. Last year was a great year. It was disappointing that we did not win an Olympic medal. Athletes go through so many things when they train, which only an athlete knows, for which they labour day and night. There is pressure from all sides, psychologically, physically, and emotionally, because the country expects so much of you.

The entire world will be watching you play, and you must prepare for the competition in a different way. So last year was fantastic because it provided the Indian women’s hockey team a different kind of recognition, and when we returned to the nation, we noticed that people were more aware of hockey.

7. London mein aapke bhatere fans hai, jab aap world cup khelne gaye thhe tab London ne kaafi support kiya thha….


7. Rehabilitation… a word which inculcates in itself lot of mental pain, agony and motivation both…how was the journey….plz share your experience on pain…and how did u motivate urself…

ans. The journey wasn’t simple because I was in so much pain at all hours of the day and night. But I used to believe that everything would be fine. It was challenging at first because you had to sit on the side-lines while everyone else trained; you did train, but in a different way. It was also difficult to keep motivated because we are all human beings who, at some point, lose motivation.

Yes, it was challenging, but I knew I couldn’t give up. And all tried to spend time with my family and friends, and I tried not to dwell about the injury, instead focusing on the chances that would arise after the pain was gone. My motive was that I wanted to play for the country with the jersey on.

8. With momentum broken, how tough is it to manage physical and mental conditioning at a high level to peak at the Olympics?

Ans. The first goal I set for myself was to be pain-free. You simply must believe in the process that your coach is describing; you do not need to doubt yourself. Yes, it is challenging at first, but as you progress through the levels and practise with the team, you will have to strive to manage damage healing as well.

10. We have heard that you have a great fascination with CWG…and reason specific.

Ans. Every event in which you compete for your country is unique. When I first played a common wealth game, which occurred in India in 2010, I began to enjoy it. Despite the fact that we did not win the match, the Common Wealth Games is a mixed tournament in which teams from all around the world compete. It’s a fantastic tournament to participate in.

11. You belong to such a humble background…in one of your interviews you even said that there was a time when ur papa couldn’t afford to buy a hockey stick for you….your journey from poverty to olympic glory…

Ans. Yeah, the trip has been difficult because, as you mentioned, I come from a family where we didn’t know whether we’d have our next meal or not. I have no qualms about sharing this because I went through that period and overcame it, refusing to give up on life. I tried to modify my family’s circumstances; they did their best in their capacity, and I believe that was sufficient. The freedom to play hockey that they offered me was the most important thing they gave me.

It was difficult for ladies to participate in sports in Haryana 20 years ago, but my parents overcame all odds and forced me to play hockey.
I believe they are the proudest of themselves today, knowing that they made the best option possible. When I went to field, I only had one thought in mind: I couldn’t let my parents down in society. I wanted to set a positive example for other parents by allowing my daughters to play as well.

12. What did Modi ji say in his call to you after the Chak de moment at Tokyo Olympics?

Ans. When we lost the bronze medal match, he told us not to cry and said “Tum sab humare liye jeete ho, humein tum sabke uppar garva hai”, it was very motivating. When we had a meet with him then also he said you don’t have to be dishearten that you loose, the whole country is proud of you.

13. We know that u is a pizza loving girl and like listening to diljit and sachin Tendulkar.

Ans. No, that is not true. I do like pizza, but in terms of music I prefer Gurudas man and Satinder Sartaj.

14. The stereotypical thoughts that you must have faced like you in your initial days was not allowed to wear a short skirt and play…. your take on society, women and sports?

Ans. Yes, India is evolving and developing, but there is still conventional thinking in rural areas. Parents, I believe, are also terrified because they must have witnessed something in their lives, which is why they are anxious about their daughters. Parents care deeply about their children. Things are improving now, and there are numerous government programmes and laws aimed at encouraging girls.

15. Your message to the girls out there but in Haryanvi….

Ans. Just believe in yourself and work hard, put your body soul and mind in everything you do. And never be conscious about your background, get inspired and inspire others.

Thanku so much for your time Rani….

(Author is Senior Producer & Anchor associated with Sports Flashes )

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