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Bringing Children and Youth Cinema

इंडिया न्यूज, Bringing Children and Youth Cinema News : Movies are the most impactful art form and are available everywhere. They use a language that can be understood even by children due to which it becomes easy to engage and educate them through the same. Film Festivals help to strengthen and sustain democracy, peace, and liberty. They provide a platform for children and youth to learn and gather an understanding of various cultures and experiences through films.

It also provides an opportunity for the filmmakers to exchange ideas and foster creativity through their work by creating a welcoming and non – competitive for all the guests and audience. Children’s brains and activities are profoundly influenced by films and stories. It can expose societal problems such as human trafficking, domestic abuse, corruption, poverty, social exclusion, and other discriminatory behaviours. Movies and performers have influenced people’s thoughts and actions; they are vehicles for establishing new trends that have a direct impact on people’s social life.

Film Festival for Children and Youth is launched to educate and inspire children through the medium of films. Films frequently provide a framework for youngsters to comprehend the world around them. The messages are often hidden, but they are always present. Children can be influenced by cinema in terms of emotional stimulation, empathy, and good social conduct. In many cases, movies serve as an educational enhancement to course material and, in other situations, can give instructional value from a greater perspective. Filmmakers can influence the thoughts of youngsters.

Many films have significant life lessons. Science-fiction films can educate children. When they can visualize something, it’s easier to learn how it works, and practical visualization helps them remember what they need to. As a result, if children are having problems understanding a concept, they can watch a movie that explains it implicitly or clearly. Most significantly, cinema exposes children to many cultures.

It introduces them to numerous art forms and encourages them to learn about different people’s lifestyles. Children can learn empathy through movies because they can feel and live the feelings of characters indirectly through the screen. Based on particular research, viewing selfless and prosocial behaviour in a movie can inspire children to emulate these behaviours in their own life.

“Children are an integral part of the society because the future of it depends on how children look at it today. Children as lead characters drive a higher impact. Empathy can be inculcated deeply through films that portray children as lead characters and protagonists. Children’s films are unique as they can create a connection with a large audience and effect an impact that has far-reaching implications for building society.

SIFFCY 2022, the festival’s 8th edition, with more than 100 films from above 50 different countries helped highlight themes of mental health, poverty, education, and many other societal issues with children at the core. They had originated from so many different countries, mostly made during the pandemic and encompassed children’s perspective – both towards problems and hope.” said Santanu Mishra, Co-Founder and Executive Trustee, Smile Foundation.

The future of society is shaped by children and youth. Many films have plots that encourage youth to get up every morning and face the world with optimism and hope. They inspire the audience to overcome personal challenges and make a good difference in the lives of others. Films about famous people are an excellent approach to positively influencing societal behaviour. They are solely a reflection of society. As a result, it enables the children in confronting the reality of what is occurring in our society. It depicts reality and helps the youth be aware awareness of situations that may have been overlooked in the past.

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