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Dharamvir Gandhi took a jibe at CM Mann for not vacating his Delhi based Govt house

Dharamvir Gandhi took a jibe at CM Mann for not vacating his Delhi based Govt house

Taruni Gandhi, Chandigarh : After Bhagwant Mann’s Government took the initiative of making EX MLAs vacate the government houses in Punjab, this time Bhagwant Mann himself is questioned over his Delhi-based Government house. EX MLA and EX AAP party leader Dharamvir Gandhi took a jibe at Bhagwant Mann this time for not vacating his (Bhagwant Mann’s) Delhi-based Government residence.

Dharamvir Gandhi took a jibe at CM Mann
Dharamvir Gandhi took a jibe at CM Mann

Bhagwant Mann after becoming Punjab Chief Minister did not vacate the Delhi-based Government which he was allotted being a Member of Parliament. Mann’s Government wishes to remain in limelight and has sent a Camera Man inside the Government House of Rajinder Kaur Bhattal so that they may vacate the house out of shame.

As he has not vacated the accommodation on North Avenue in Raisina Hill even though he is no longer an MP, the Lok Sabha secretariat has asked the estates officer to initiate eviction proceedings against him for unauthorized occupation of Central government accommodation in New Delhi, said Dharamvir Gandhi in a post of Social Media.

Bhagwant Mann
Bhagwant Mann

As per official sources, the secretariat has put a petition before the estates’ officer and it says in the petition that Mann was allotted the Central government’s Duplex No 33, North Avenue, along with its units and 153 North Avenue, as his regular accommodation as a member of 17th Lok Sabha.

The petition further says, “The said allotment stands canceled in his name with effect from April 14 and Mann failed to vacate the premises. The occupation of the building by the former MP after April 13 is unauthorized.”

The petition sent to the estates’ officer further reads, “It is, therefore requested the proceedings for eviction of Bhagwan Mann, ex-MP and all persons may be initiated and orders for their eviction be passed.”

Even after the secretariat asked the estates officer to start the eviction proceedings, there has been no immediate reaction available from the Punjab chief minister’s office regarding this issue. According to the official documents, this residence is now allotted to Hanuman Beniwal, the RLP president and an MP from Rajasthan.

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