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Polstrat-NewsX Pre-Poll Survey in Goa: Who’s winning Goa?

Polstrat-NewsX Pre-Poll Survey in Goa

India News, New Delhi:
Polstrat-NewsX Pre-Poll Survey in Goa: The Polstrat-NewsX pre-poll survey predicts Bhartiya Janata Party’s thumping victory in Goa’s upcoming assembly polls. Of the 40 seats, BJP is expected to win 21-25 seats with a 35.6% vote share. The Aam Aadmi Party is expected to get 6-9 seats with a 23.4% vote share, while Congress is expected to get only 4-6 seats with a 20.1% vote share.

Polstrat-NewsX Pre-Poll Survey in Goa

Favourite CM Candidate

BJP’s Pramod Samant is the favourite candidate for the post of Chief Minister of Goa with 40% of the respondents supporting him, whereas, 30.91% of respondents opted for Congress’ Digambar Kamat. A considerable share (29.09%) of the respondents preferred other candidates as the state’s next CM.

Biggest Issues

36.36% of the respondents said employment would be the biggest voting issue followed by infrastructure (15.45%) and COVID management (14.55%). Mining in the state was the main issue for just 7.27% of the respondents.

Will Religion Be A Deciding Factor

More than half of all the respondents (51.82%) agreed that religion will not be a deciding factor in the polls. However, 28.18% said that religion will indeed be an issue that will decide voters’ choice, whereas, 7.27% were of a similar view, although with less confidence.

AAP’s Impact

As per the findings of the pre-poll survey, 42.73% of the respondents said that the Aam Aadmi Party hasn’t made an impact in their area. 30.91% of the total respondents opposed the notion and said that the party’s entry has in fact had a significant impact on the state’s political scenario.

Favourite National Leaders

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerged as the favourite national leader for 40.45% of the respondents. The remaining respondents chose Rahul Gandhi (27.27%), Arvind Kejriwal (20%), Mamata Banerjee (7.27%), and others (5%).

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