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The Daily Guardian Impact : Illegal Farm houses over 30 Acre PLP land Bulldozed by Forest department

The Daily Guardian Impact : Illegal Farm houses over 30 Acre PLP land Bulldozed by Forest department

  • Col Sandhu encroached Punjab Forest land to construct 45 farmhouses illegally
  • Punjab Forest Dept lodged the FIR on habitual offender Col Sandhu, owner of WWICS

Taruni Gandhi, Chandigarh : After The Daily Guardian placed this story, the Punjab Forest Department after filing the FIR against habitual offender Colonel Baljit Sandhu, bulldozed the Illegally constructed 45 farmhouses in Nayagaon today. Punjab Forest Department sent three JCBs to the spot to flatten all illegal construction over Punjab Land Preservation Act preserved Land.

The Daily Guardian Impact : Illegal Farm houses over 30 Acre PLP land Bulldozed by Forest department
The Daily Guardian Impact : Illegal Farm houses over 30 Acre PLP land Bulldozed by Forest department

In just a few days after the Mirzapur Road encroachment complaint action, Punjab Forest Department again receives a complaint that in Nayagaon, there are huge changes in the land demographics over the hundreds of acres of Land by Colonel Baljit Singh Sandhu. Colonel Sandhu has been a habitual offender in changing demographics of PLPA preserved Forest land earlier on and many cases are already in service against him.

From Masol Road to village Tanda, Sandhu had flattened the hillocks, axed many trees, and constructed a path towards Village Tanda. In Nayagaon, on May 9, the police have taken action on the allegation of illegally cutting the mountains by making 45 big farmhouses and selling them at high prices.

In this case, on the complaint of the Forest Department, a case was registered against Colonel Baljit Singh Sandhu and Tarsem Singh, residents of village Nada, on the complaint of Forest Range Officer Ranjodh Singh under section (4) (5) of the Punjab Land and Prevention Act-1900 Act.

On behalf of the Divisional Officer of the Forest Department of Mohali, a written complaint was given to the police through a letter-number 32, that Colonel Sandhu had illegally occupied the closed lands under PLPA-1900 and got arbitrarily constructed them. as per Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Punjab Parveen Kumar IFS, it is illegal to change the demographics of PLP land and further construct commercially over this land. Col Sandhu not only changed the demographics but also had axed many precious trees, and flattened hillocks on which legal action is required.

It is alleged that in this case the mountains were leveled by cutting them with JCB. And 30 hectares of natural forest land and about 500 trees have been uprooted. It was alleged that the forest department team was not allowed inside to inspect the cut hill land and the team suffered misbehavior by the offender.

In this way, government work was obstructed. Now the forest department team is being continuously threatened by the accused. On which the accused Colonel Baljit Sandhu and Tarsem Singh were found to be in violation of Section 4/5 FCA 1980 of PLPA 1900, IFA – 1927, and the directions of CWP 202- 1995 dated 12 December 1996 of the Supreme Court. The Nayagaon police have registered a case against both the accused under sections 4 and 5 of the Punjab Land Act. Nayagaon is situated in the Shivalik foothills.

On calling Colonel Baljit Singh Sandhu, the accused, he did not answer the calls

On 9 May on the basis of a letter that was written to Nayagaon Police to add sections 186 and 353 of IPC, sections 9,39 of Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and Environment Protection Act 1986, and Mines and Minerals Act 1957 in the FIR against the accused- Ranjodh Singh, Forest Department Range Officer.

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